Soul Man? discussion groups

Soul Man? is a loose discussion group structure to give men the chance to consider subjects like:

  • Do we have souls and, if so, what are they for?
  • Were we designed to be happy?
  • Does God exist and how does what I do or don't believe about God affect my life?
  • What is the point pf prayer?
  • Do right and wrong exist and, if so, how do I decide what is right and what is wrong?
  • Is there life after death and, if so, will my actions in this life affect my life after death?
  • What is the point of church?

Soul Man? is suitable for all men, not just dads, and can be covered over a pint in the pub, in a home or even on the side of a hill. Make sure the men know they are welcome to join the group regardless of their beliefs, so there is a place for those who don't believe in God at all, those who are not sure and those who do believe in God but are still working out what that means for them. Don't focus on arguing over or debating topics. Instead, lead the men into exploring their own views by listening to and trying to understand the beliefs of others. There is a strong emphasis on group discussion. Soul Man? is definitely not a course with a set number of sessions nor a programme to be worked through. Neither is it a debating society in which participants strive to win the argument or to enforce their views on others.

Soul Man? is a natural follow-on from Daddy Cool! but can be also considered fully independently of Who Let The Dads Out?, SODA club or Daddy Cool!

There are more details on running Soul Man? sessions in the book School's Out, Dad's About written by Who Let The Dads Out? founder, Mark Chester. Visit to order a copy.

If you want to run and publicise Soul Man? sessions, the logos are available here.