Welcome cards - a fit-in-your-wallet welcome

How do you welcome the dads at your Who Let The Dads Out? group?

Do they know why you run the group? How do they remember when sessions take place? Do they have your contact details if they want more information?

The solution is here in a business card sized, fit-in-your-wallet welcome.

What's on the cards?

Here's the wording on the front:

We would like to give you a very warm welcome to Who Let The Dads Out? - a place for you and your children to spend time together, have fun and mix with other dads and children. Our church worships God and serves its community. If you would like to know more about what we do or have any questions about the Christian faith, please ask.

On the back there's space to write dates, times and contact details.

Who Let The Dads Out? welcome cards

How to order

Simply fill in the form below. First a few notes:

How many?

The cards come in batches of 50 (maximum 200 per person), so please think about how many you might use.


The cards are free. All we ask is that you consider making a donation to help cover our postage, packaging and handling. If you're able to give £5.00 (or more) that would help to cover some of our direct costs. After you've ordered, we'll send you an email detailing how and where you can donate if you choose to.


If you'd like some of these cards to use in a Who Let The Dads Out? group outside the UK, please contact us.

We'll only use your telephone number if we have difficulties getting in touch by email.