We recommend

Here are some of the organisations that Who Let The Dads Out? works with and recommends as they have special relevance to our ministry with dads, father figures and their children.

Messy Church logo
Messy Church enables people of all ages to belong to Christ together through their local church. It is a way of being church which is particularly suited to families but welcome to all. It meets at a time and on a day that suits local families and welcomes people who have never belonged to a church before. There are now 3,500 Messy Churches worldwide. Maybe Messy Church is the type of congregation best suited to some of your dads and their families. Why not invite them along to a Messy Church near you?

Parenting For Faith logo

BRF’s Parenting for Faith programme provides resources and training for parents, communities and churches to support them in bringing up children in the Christian faith.

Inspired by the 'Big Society' vision, The Cinnamon Network exists to help local churches serve those people most at need in their communities. In 2010, founder Matt Bird gathered together a group of 50 Christian CEOs and leaders who were challenged to consider how the Christian community could deliver more local transformation at national scale, and at speed. The Cinnamon Network does this by helping churches to 'get started', 'work together' and 'access funding’, and has won a Big Society Award for its work. It is a huge support to Who Let The Dads Out? and Cinnamon has recognised Who Let The Dads Out? as one of its societal transformation 'projects'. In 2016, 13 new Who Let The Dads Out? groups successfully applied for a Cinnamon micro-grant to assist with getting started. Do visit The Cinnamon Network website for details of its micro-grants.

We recommend an Alpha course to anyone who wants to find out more about Christianity, so it's ideal as an option to offer to dads in your Who Let The Dads Out? group. Even if your church doesn't run an Alpha course, there's likely to be one running regularly nearby and you can find a course through the Alpha website.

CVM is a network that helps to resource men's groups in many churches throughout the UK and overseas, and provides a number of excellent resources and events that are likely to appeal to the dads in your Who Let The Dads Out? group.

Sorted is an excellent and wholesome bimonthly magazine for men. Why not subscribe to Sorted and put out the latest edition at each of your Who Let The Dads Out? group alongside or instead of a newspaper?

On average, a UK child has just 1277 days between birth and starting nursery education. Together, we want to 'make them count' for the children, for their families and for the toddler groups that they attend. 1277 is an alliance of churches and other agencies that support the work of church-based toddler groups. Who Let The Dads Out? is delighted to be part of the 1277 alliance. Check out 1277’s ideas for the month of prayer for Parent & Toddler groups which takes place in June each year.

Are you searching for ideas on how to go deeper with the men in your Who Let The Dads Out? group? One way to do this is to invite them to, or even specifically run, a parenting course. As well as our own Daddy Cool! parenting programme, there are several excellent alternatives including other courses specifically for dads, as well as courses for either or both partners focused on young children, teenagers, special needs, and so on.

The NPI is a one-stop shop for the best in church-based parenting courses, highlighting the resources available from four major providers, and allowing you to register your course and/or to search for other churches in your area who are already running courses near you.

Are you searching for ideas on how to go deeper with the men in your Who Let The Dads Out? group? We can strongly recommend Table Talk for Blokes. Part of the extensive range of Table Talks produced by The Ugly Duckling Company (a registered charity), Table Talk for Blokes is co-written by Carl Beech (CVM) and Paul Griffiths, and provides six distinct conversation starter themes on topics such as why work, men's health and making a difference. Table Talk for Blokes is in a similar sphere to Soul Man?, and is ideal for a discussion group down the pub or in a home.
Table Talk is one of the easiest and most creative ways of having simple conversations with friends and neighbours about the meaning of life. I highly recommend the materials. Alan Roxburgh

Authentic Discipleship logo
Boys2Men is part of a project called Authentic Discipleship and it helps boys to make the transition into manhood. There is also an element of the project, called Lavish, which prepares girls for becoming women. Reality UK, who lead Authentic Discipleship in partnership with Christian Vision for Men, are available to train and equip local churches and organisations to run the project. Find out more at: www.authenticdiscipleship.org.uk.