Running a group

Many churches use the parent and toddler format as a starting point for their outreach to dads, father figures and their children.

Parent and toddler work is a dynamic opportunity for churches to build relationships, strengthen families and invigorate communities. Parent and toddler sessions enable us to engage and befriend families outside the church, and to support them as they grow, progress and face life's challenges. However, the parent and toddler world has traditionally been populated by mostly mothers and female carers; relatively few fathers have taken part. Who Let The Dads Out? seeks to change that culture by taking the usual parent and toddler format and specifically targeting it at dads, father figures and their children.

But Who Let The Dads Out? groups are not exclusively parent and toddler groups. Churches can use the title for any form of outreach that engages dads, father figures and their children together. And even if you decide to call your group for dads and children something different, you are still welcome to join the movement.

Who Let The Dads Out? seeks to keep the hearts of fathers and their children turned to one another, and it provides a number of ideas and resources to 'journey' with dads and their children in the context of whole families support and ministries strategy.

If your church joined Who Let The Dads Out? it would become part of a growing network. It is free to join and, as a member, your church will be able to use the Who Let The Dads Out? name, logo, materials and publicity resources. In addition, your church will be listed on our Directory along with details of when and where your group meets. Register your group.