Conkers @ Woodlands Church, Allestree, Derby

Woodlands Evangelical Church
Blenheim Parade
DE22 2GP
United Kingdom
When this group meets
Conkers runs once a half-term on a Saturday morning between 08:30am and 10:30am and is run by a team of Dads for Dads.

2019/20 dates:
14 Sept
23 Nov
25 Jan
7 Mar
9 May
11 July - BBQ Breakfast at Carsington Water

The morning includes:

- Play Zone - A huge area with access to a wide variety of small and large world toys including Brio, Mega Meccano and workbench, Duplo, cars & garage, farm and animals, sticklebricks etc.
- Craft Zone - Hands on activities making stuff (different every time)
- Reading Zone - A chill out area with cushions and a shed load of kids books
- Baby Zone - A comfortable area with baby toys, Bumbo's, bouncers etc.
- Breakfast Zone - Exceptional 5 item Derbyshire cooked breakfast for Dad, cereal snacks and fruit pieces for the kids, squash, tea and real filter coffee!

We ask for a suggested donation of £3 per Dad (kids are free).

Age range of children
0-4 years incl.
Tim Rosier
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