The following books provide practical guidance for setting up and running Who Let The Dad Out? sessions or other church groups with dads and their children, together with helpful hints and tips, case studies and much more:


Inspiring ideas for churches to engage with dads and their pre-school children
Mark Chester


Parent and toddler work can transform relationships and strengthen families, yet sometimes men may have very limited access to the parent and toddler world.
This book tells the story of how Who Let The Dads Out? came into being. It gives a practical guide for setting up and running the monthly sessions, complete with theological background, real-life case studies, helpful hints and tips, and twelve easy craft ideas.
A compelling vision and inspiring example alongside tested practical steps needed to make this happen.
Mark Molden

Today's fathers tell their stories
David Atkinson with reflections by Mark Chester


What does fatherhood look like in our complex world?
How clued in is the church to fathers today?
As Father's Day turns 80 in 2018, it's a good time for fathers to ask these questions; to reflect on their beliefs and values; to reconsider their understanding of this important role; and for the church to revisit its missional dialogue with men.
Highlighting the human-interest dispatches from the front line of modern fatherhood through case-study interviews and biblical reflection, this unique book is essential reading for fathers, mothers, the church and everyone interested in this vital topic.

One man's story of football, family and faith
Mark Chester


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A challenge we all face in running our Who Let The Dads Out? groups is how to share faith in a natural and relevant way. This new book from Mark can help us to do that with any dads who are interested in 'the beautiful game'.

This book gets beyond the surface of football, and reminds us that we need to get beyond the surface of life too.
Revd John K. Boyers, Chaplain, Manchester United

Chester's warmth, homesty, humility and good humour shine through this book, which is a truly cativating blend of wisdom and homely anecdotes. I recommend it highly.
Peter Lupson, Thank God for Football (2010, SPCK)

50 activity ideas for the adventurous
Pete Maidment and Barry Brand


Although this book is a Messy Church resource, we wholeheartedly recommend it for all Who Let The Dads Out? groups. This is what Mark had to say when he reviewed it:

It will help you make the men in your group feel welcome and energised.

I am by nature a craft sceptic. Glue, glitter and sequins are not easy for a bloke with big hands. But within a few pages... had won me over with their promise of 'extreme activities' to come. I was not disappointed. I wanted to try building the fruit catapult, walking on eggs and mixing up some Oobleck!
Mark Chester, Founder, Who Let The Dads Out?

The Church and Boys
Making the connection
Nick Harding


Why are men and boys so under-represented in churches? Why do churches find it so difficult to cater for boys? What would help boys in church grow into mature men of faith? This uniquely inspiring book by Nick Harding spells out the problem and encourages churches to see this in missional terms. The main part of the book includes resources, suggestions and ideas to help boys connect better with the church, with the Bible, and with the Christian faith.