What makes you smile?

Ugo Eboh

I had a lovely, but rather poignant moment this weekend, which always tends to be the way when I spend quality time with my son… cheesy as it is, you really do learn so much from children; it’s rather humbling!

We’d had a little cycle ride around the local area and ended up in one of the playgrounds which has just been done up really nicely and has an array of fantastic equipment to go on. Anyway, as we got home, I began the usual routine of taking off my son’s several layers of gloves, hats, overcoats, snow suits, etc., and then received a message from my wife asking me to take a selfie with him… so I did!

The picture was perfect and the response I got back from my wife was, ‘How did you get him to smile like that?’ It was then that I realised what had happened; I had simply asked him to smile for Mummy and, as he repeated the word ‘Mummy’ back to me, he had said it with a smile, which meant I had captured a perfect moment to look back on for years to come.

When I started my job, the feeling of freshness that came from starting somewhere new gave me a drive to delve back into a lot of things that I had put aside, as the bustle of life had taken over. I took time and stopped to reflect on what things make me smile. What things do I say or talk about in such a way, that my face glows? What do I do that makes me shine and change the whole atmosphere in a room?

They were good questions to reflect on and I would encourage you to do the same – and then make more time to do the things that make you smile. Children are the best at doing things that make them smile. It must be infectious, because I can’t help smiling myself when watching the pleasure my son gets from repeating the same story, or the same game, or the same scene from his favourite film. The man whose teachings I follow – Jesus – once urged people to seize life like a little child. I can see why; I long for that childlike enthusiasm.