The Great Bacon Butty Count

During March we will be holding 'The Who Let The Dads Out? Great Bacon Butty* Count of 2017'(* or equivalent substitute!)

We would like to work out how many bacon butties, or equivalent, are served each month by churches to dads and their children. By the end of the count, we should have a fun figure that we can all use think to attract attention to and indicate the scale of the work done by churches to support fathers, father figures and their children.

Taking part in the 'The Who Let The Dads Out? Great Bacon Butty* Count of 2017' is really simple. All you have to do is count how many bacon butties (or equivalent) you serve at your March session and then log the result below. We are sure that there will be one or two dads in your group who skew the figures upwards, thanks to their prodigious appetites, but it's all for a good cause! We'll let you know the outcome of the count in April.

To make the Great Bacon Butty Count of 2017 even more exciting we are issuing the 'Flying Pigs Challenge'. Your mission is to catch a flying piece of bacon in a bread roll. If it lands anywhere other than between your two pieces of bread, we invite you to donate a fiver so Who Let The Dads Out? can help more dads, kids, families and communities through local church is doing.

Please note you have until 1 March to 31 March to log your sessions serving.